Building Your Team: 
 Building a team can be a challenge.  To help you with this we have a page dedicated to helping you find runners for your team.

  Relay handbooks will be distributed to each team captain prior to the event. Team captains will be provided ample time to review the handbook and disseminate all information to his/her team. You can view our 2012 Team Handbook below.

Start Time Specifics:  Team starting times will be announced a few weeks prior to the relay start. The intent is to have each team finish in the afternoon on Saturday.  Thus, if you assume a 2:00 – 3:00 pm finish time then calculate the average per mile pace of your team based upon each participant's 10k time you should be able to back into an approximate start time.

Please keep in mind start times are assigned to enable a smooth flow of teams across the entire relay route, exchange zones, and finish line. Thus, teams of different paces may be mixed together in each wave, but most teams will be at a similar pace to your teams.